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Longest Card Throw
Jim Karol of North Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, USA, threw a standard playing card a distance of 61.26m (67yd) at Mount Ida College, Massachusetts, USA, on 18 Oct 1992.

Most Numbers memorized

On 6 Nov 1999 Gert Mittring (Germany) successfully recited 27 random digits from memory, in the correct order, after the numbers have been flashes up on a screen for three seconds. The record was set in Cologne, Germany.

Most card held in a fan
On 18 March 1994 Ralf Laue (Germany) held 326 standard applying cards in a fan in one hand, with the value and color of each one visible, at Leipzig, Germany

Most hopscotch games in 24h
In 24 hours between 12 and 13 Jan 1998 Ashrita Furman (USA) successfully completed 434 games of hopscotch. The record was set at the Westin Regina Hotel, Cancun, Mexico.

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