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As noted in the section on Indian gaming, the charge that Indian gaming has been infiltrated by organized crime has been made. Competitors and antigambling interests use that charge as an attack on Indian gaming. Some researchers and industry observers are quick to point out that, however, there is no evidence that organized crime has significantly infiltrated Indian gambling operations. Others counter that inadequate regulation and oversight make it harder to find evidence. But there is ample evidence of attempts, some of which have met with success.

The Los Angeles Times ran a lengthy article on Mafia attempts to take over an Indian gaming operation in California. The attempts were ultimately unsuccessful. The information used
in the article was from a long-running federal investigation. The same investigation eventually ended with the conviction of Richard Silberman, the former State Director of Finance, on charges unrelated to the gambling infiltration attempt.

There have been other incidents. Two tribal leaders who had complained that Indians weren't getting a fair share of gambling profits at another facility were later murdered. At the Barona Reservation, a bingo manager was caught rigging games so that shills in the audience could win. Later, he testified about mob involvement in a number of Indian casinos throughout the country. Some of what he said has been substantiated. These events did occur, however, during the earlier years of Indian gaming.

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