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Traffic is the most important property of any commercial web site, without it you cannot acquire new players and without them you won't make any money. In this section we have numerous resources for promoting your site and bringing people to it. Finding new visitors is no easy task, keeping them interested in your site and coming back is even more challenging and important. Here are a few tips to consider before you start promoting your site:

First impressions are lasting ones.
Before you actively promote your web site ensure you have content that will interest visitors, fast loading pages and working links. Nothing turns off new visitors more then a page with forty slow loading banners and no real content. We see these banner farms over and over again and I can guarantee you the owner of those sites is not making any money. If a visitor's initial impression is negative they wont come back no matter how much you advertise. Develop a clean, useful site and half the battle is won.

Content is King. Provide fresh content that your target audience will appreciate and update it often. There are many new content syndicators that will provide you with news feeds, headlines and sports updates that you can easily incorporate into your website. The feeds automatically update daily and provide fresh content for your visitors. We have listed the top ones below in the resources area. Remember people visit your site for its content, not endless sales pitches.

Make your Web Site Sticky. The key to success in online promotion is getting customers to come back again and again to your web site. Content is the major component, Community is the second. Incorporating free e-mail, free web pages, chat, online games and player news boards helps to establish your site as a great place to come back to. Starting a newsletter is also a great way to let everyone know when you've added new features or found a great new casino.

Website Promotion

Free Submissions - Submit your site to 65 top search engines, 8000 links pages and 4000 classified sites free.

Sales in Minutes - Did you know that on average your players must be exposed to your message at least six times prior to making a sales decision? It's true. Follow up is a key to success for any business, online or off. The only problem is it takes an enormous amount of time to do proper follow up emails to all your prospects. Sales in Minutes can fully automate your online sales and email functions and free you up to do more important things, like find more playerss! Until now software packages that did what SIM does cost hundreds of dollars, now you can have it all for less then the cost of a couple of pizzas!

Success Arsenal - Everything you need to promote your web site in one place. This is the site we use for all our promotions.

Super Promote
- The best paid web site submission service. Submit to over 1,000,000 sites. We use the guaranteed listing service and its a fantastic way to get listed in all the major search engines. Your listings are automatically updated every 48 hours for a year.

Casino Trade
- Capitalize on your exit traffic with this gambling traffic exchange program. When a visitor leaves your site a pop up comes up to another casino trade member site. For every two pops you display your site is displayed once in the network. So if you average 1000 visitors a day you would receive 500 free displays of your site. It's basically free traffic that you are currently not capitalizing on. Give this one a try.

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