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If you have a website you can earn a substantial amount of money promoting online casinos and sports betting. Unfortunately there are quite a few casinos currently online that regularly rip off their affiliates. We have been burned a number of times and it's cost us time and money. If you have had success with a program let us know and more importantly if you have been burned by a casino operator please tell us so that we can post it and warn others. As fellow webmasters we owe it to each other to point out these scams and save everyone a lot of trouble. Contact us!

Things to look out for:

Statistics never update. This is very common. No matter how many people you refer they always show 0 visitors. We have experienced this with several very large casinos. Click on your banners and ensure that the clicks are counted. Check your statistics regularly and if the stats don't change this may be a sign of trouble.

No Real Player Conversions. The most prevalent scam. Not everyone who clicks on a banner is going to sign up as a real player. The average conversion ratio is about 1% - 3%. If the conversion ratio for the casino is abnormally low, dump them, you aren't earning anything with them anyway. We recently sent over 600 visitors to a casino and were credited with one real player sign up, our average is closer to 6% with all other casinos. Needless to say they're gone, but the real crime is we could have sent them to an honest operator and earned commissions. Don't fall for this scam.

The checks never come. This is another fun one. The statistics are accurate, you see the clicks credited and watch as your balance due climbs. Since it looks like you're making money you promote the casino heavily and sales continue to mount. The only problem is they never issue you a check. Usually they don't respond to your e-mails either. If checks are overdue write the operator and see what's up. If they ignore you, pull their banners until you receive payment.

Starnet Licensee's
While these are individual licensees of Starnet software and operating systems and not a part of the parent company we have had similar reports of questionable accounting practices. As a result we do not recommend participation in their programs.

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4 Sports Betting
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Mars Casino
2 Bet On
Oz Gaming Casino
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Gem Casino
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Action City Gaming
World Wide Gamble
Win 4 Real
Mayan Casino
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Easy Rollers Casino
1 Lucky Gambler
Casino Britannia
Club Del Sol


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